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Demystifying Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a relaxed, highly focused state of concentration. It is a state that you experience naturally many times each and every day. Every time you daydream, or imagine an event in the past or future, that is hypnosis which is also referred to as a state of trance.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is about using the Hypnosis skills on others for therapeutic benefit. Hypnotherapy is the direct communication with the unconscious mind. It is a means of finding solutions and guidance for specific issues or problems. Through the use of Hypnotherapy, the unconscious mind creates new and more powerful ways to solve problems, overcome fears, and eliminate limitations and obstacles. Hypnotherapy makes lasting change possible, manageable, and fast.

What is the difference between Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy?

Usually Psychotherapy makes changes to the unconscious mind by using the understanding and imagery of the conscious mind. Hypnotherapy on the other hand, bypasses the conscious mind, and works directly with the unconscious or subconscious mind. For this reason, Hypnotherapy is often quicker than traditional Psychotherapy.

Can Everyone be Hypnotized?

Almost everyone can be hypnotized. Anyone able to concentrate on what the hypnotist is saying can be hypnotized. Exceptions include those who may be intellectually challenged, very young children, and people under the influence of drugs or under the influence of large amounts of alcohol.

What does it feel like to be Hypnotized?

Being hypnotized feels very different than most people imagine. Most of the time, hypnosis feels like that relaxed state you experience as you are falling asleep at night. The state where you feel totally relaxed just before you fall into a deep sleep.

Is there anyone who should not be Hypnotized?

That often depends on the purpose of the hypnosis. Since hypnosis is a very natural state, it should be very manageable for everyone to be hypnotized. However, some hypnotic techniques such as techniques that involve fully associated experiences, may not be appropriate for some individuals.

How can you tell if someone is Hypnotized?

Some of the most noticeable signs that a subject is hypnotized include visible relaxation, a flush face, rapid eye movement, eyelid flicker, enhanced salivation/swallowing, slowed breathing, or head relaxing and falling forward. The only way to really know for sure however is to do a hypnosis depth test.

Can the Hypnotist control you or make you do something you do not want to do?

No. It is not possible for hypnosis to breach the moral code. People will frequently do things they would not normally do, but this is because they really wanted to do it, and they just needed to feel more relaxed about doing it.

Can you get "stuck" in Hypnosis?

No. You definitely cannot! If you were hypnotized and the hypnotist left the room, you would simply bring yourself out of the hypnotic state/trance whenever you chose to.

Is Hypnosis dangerous in any way?

No. When hypnosis is being used by a professional who is properly trained in the use of hypnosis and hypnosis techniques, it is a technique which can be used to transform negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, completely safely and naturally.

Does Hypnosis Always work?

No, no more than any other form of therapy, complementary or traditional. The success of Hypnosis depends on the cooperation and participation of the subject.

How long does a result produced by Hypnosis usually last?

That depends on whether or not the hypnosis was used to deal with a symptom, or to deal with the root cause of the issue. The success of hypnosis lasts far longer if the root cause has been addressed. The root cause can usually be determined by a hypnotist while doing a detailed intake questionnaire.

How long does it take to produce a result?

There are many variables that influence results, so that depends. It can take as few as one session for a simple problem, to several sessions for more involved issues. A responsible and properly trained Hypnotist will be able to give some guidance on the expected number of sessions after completing a detailed intake questionnaire.

Can people be made to forget the Hypnosis session while Hypnotized?

Hypnosis does not give anyone any power over the person who is hypnotized. No one can "make" anyone do anything using the technique. Theoretically one could suggest to a hypnotized person that they would forget the content of the session, but it would not be effective, especially over a period of time.

What can Hypnosis do for me?

Since all behaviour, personal success, and transformation originates at the unconscious level, Hypnosis is an excellent tool for managing all areas of your life, including but not limited to: career, relationships, health, stress, past negative emotions, past limiting beliefs, bad habits, and phobias.

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